B fast, B bold, B the future
Think with your head, not with your heart.
The key in the running business is not to focus on making money, instead focus on protecting capital. Always keep your losses down. To protect is the important part in the business. If you can't protect your business, what is the point in setting up a business.

Meet The Organisation Under Charning Peters's Wing
    2IYF - Investing In Your Future Ltd is a UK Boutique Trading Firm located in Canada Water. 2IYF is a dynamical and aggressively trading firm that deal with Stock, Commodities and Forex Markets. Investing In Your Future (2IYF) capital currently deal with small number of private clients and manage their portfolio.
  2. Deaf And Wealth TV Channel
    Deaf And Wealth TV News Channel aims to provide useful information such as how to overcome the disabilities, sharing inspiration stories, spreading the awareness. Deaf And Wealth TV Channel sponsored by Charning Peters. Deaf And Wealth aims to bring people with different background together and share useful tips.
  3. Speed Casper Hire Purchase
    Speed Casper Hire Purchase purchase motor in Lagos, Nigeria to enable drivers to operation taxi business. Chairman maintains the relationship between the drivers and Speed Casper. The buyer is leasing the goods and does not obtain ownership until the full amount of the contract is paid.
  4. Charning Peters Foundation
    Charning Peters Foundation is a resilient non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the education and health care system. It aims to give numerous of disability a fair chance at school and health care. Charning Peters Foundation provide the grants for disability pupil to stay in school accommodations in order to study in the school. Charning Peters Foundation raising awareness for people with special needs such as deafness, hearing impairments and muted.